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Outside In

Following our successful Outside In – One Year On seminar in Birmingham on 18th July 2011, we thought that you may like to have access to some of the presentations offered by speakers and presenters during the day. 

The national seminar followed on from the critically successful nalgao Outside In seminar in 2010, gave opportunity, one year on, to consider the present challenging environment, exploring Cultural Partnerships and how local arts and cultural services are balancing service development against the economic downturn. The seminar also considered how to get responsive delivery systems in place and how to access commissioning areas, with consideration of alternative forms of service.

 As well as considering option appraisals of how we can get services in place that are fit for purpose, the seminar offered different models of delivery, including contracting out to trusts and partnerships with the independent, voluntary and the commercial sectors. With case studies, keynote presentations, breakout sessions and discussion forums, the seminar scoped the future landscape in which we will all work.

A copy of the initial Outside in report is available here: NAL12075OutsideInReportFINAL 6-2-10

To view the FEI keynote presentation by Becky Schutt and Nick Dodds, visit: and click on the little arrow at the start of the screen to move around.

Copies of speaker presentations and notes on the various sessions are available here:

WM Combining Cultural Services

Light Night Nottingham

Luton Community Trust


Health Presentation Knowsley

Commedia presentation


Connect: Arts and Community Media partnerships:

Tamar Millen, one of our breakout presenters at the recent Outside In –One Year On Seminar in Birmingham has advised us that the independent evaluation by Dr Ann Light of Sheffield Hallam University of the exemplar partnership projects between ACE RFOs and community media organisations is now available. The Connect project was supported by Arts Council England and the Community Media Association and the report is available here:


 Notes from the sessions included:

Culture and Children’s Services

The 3 main areas arising from the session were as follows:

  •  The need to ensure the knowledge, skills and learning from Creative Partnerships is applied to provide the best possible commissioning practice moving forward through the Bridge Delivery organisations.   There was also a request for clarity around how ‘Cold spot’s’ would be identified and to involve local authorities in the ‘audit of audits’ to ensure limited resources are targeted at those areas that would most benefit from support through the Bridge organisations programme.
  •  In terms of future work with the museums sector, it was felt that they had significant experience in responding to the commissioning agenda and there was a need to ensure that Bridge delivery organisations worked to engage them from the outset.
  •  A future challenge was identified in working within education, as schools move towards Academy status there is a potential that, without a cohesive Arts in Education policy in local authorities, cultural organisations will find it hard to engage with individual schools.  Consideration needs to be given to finding new ways of working with the education sector that do not rely solely on nurturing individual relationships within schools; as many organisations will not have the resources to invest in this level of development work.

 Background support papers to the seminar are available here:

W Midlands Cultural Review