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Outside In

‘Outside In’ is a study examining the issues and opportunities in contracting out local authority arts services.  Produced by Paul Kelly of Cultural Futures and Rick Bond of The Complete Works, the 60 page ‘Outside In’ report identifies five different ways that local authority arts services can be externalised.  The report authors talked to nine different organisations about the issues and benefits involved in alternative ways of delivering arts services and their report is packed with anecdotal detail and practical checklists.

The ‘Outside In’ report also briefly examines the opportunities offered by Strategic Commissioning which is increasingly being undertaken by local authority childrens’ services and care services.

The ‘Outside In’ report was produced with the financial support of Arts Council England.

Click here to download the Outside In report.


AD:uk on Twitter

Lucia Masundire has written some tips on using Twitter, through an information she wrote for Creative Leicestershire last year. The tips are available here: Using Twitter

Twitter also has a very detailed help and FAQ section so spend some time looking there. To help get you started follow @artsdevuk for useful information from the world of Twitter and have a look at who we are following. We are following these accounts for a reason, so see if they are of interest to you.

Good luck and welcome to the world of Twitter!


Welsh Arts Performance Indicators

In 2011, Welsh authorities have been piloting a new set of performance indicators for arts services in local authorities. The three PIs have been developed by Arts Development UK and are now being trailed across Wales. The PIs are available here:





Engaging with European and International Work

Carole Bemant, one of the members of our Professional Development WP has written a paper on engaging with European and International Work that many may find useful. The paper is available here: EngagingwithEuropeanandInternationalWork


Balancing Excellence & Participation in Local Government Arts Provision – Heidi Bellamy

Local Authorities are increasingly having to balance excellence and participation. South Norfolk Cultural Officer, Heidi Bellamy, researched this for her MA in Cultural Leadership and has kindly allowed nalgao to publish her report.

Click here to download this publication.

Conference Reports

nalgao 2008 conference evaluation report

Click here to download this report.


nalgao annual conference 2008: Open Space Forum Breakout Reports

Click here to download this report.

Wayne Hemingway’s conference keynote speech

Wayne Hemingway provided an entertaining and thought-provoking opening keynote speech at the nalgao conference.

Click here to download Wayne Hemingway’s full nalgao conference keynote speech.

Creative Cabins

Poole Borough Council has created a toolkit for using redundant shops in town centres called for arts activities.  The toolkit is called ‘Creative Cabins’.  Click here to download the toolkit.

Induction Guide for Staff new to your organisation

Employment is perhaps the biggest investment of resources that any organisation makes, and the aim for all of us is to have the best possible person in post. Why then do so many of us get the initial induction process wrong?

A recent survey into training needs of Arts Officers in local authorities indicated that 46% of all officers surveyed had not undergone any form of induction programme on starting their jobs. This sheet is intended as an aid to local authority arts recruitment and may serve as a check list for officer induction for people either starting a new job, or being promoted within an authority to a new position.

You can download an induction guide here: Arts Development UK Local authority induction