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AD:uk Conference 2012 Reports

For members who could not attend, there are a number of presentations and reports from the conference this year available below in a selection of Word, PDF, presentation, You Tube videos and audio files. Many of the presentations were filmed by Khaoz Media, a community media association based in York who were one of our artist residencies this year and we would like to thank them for their wonderful work. We hope you find the presentations and videos useful:

Day 1: Riding Lights opening performance:

Day 1: Introduction and key note speeches – short video compilation:

Day 2:Short excerpt of Keynote speech:


John Holden speech Negotiating the New Arts Landscape

a-n presentation The Code of Practice for the Visual Arts
a-n handout The Code of Practice notes

Carole Bemant, Cultureworks European Agenda for Culture

Carys Wynne Arts Council of Wales

CapeUK presentation

Simon Collins, Biommation: Simon Collins Biomation Presentation

Heidi Bellamy, CLOA Engaging with Commissioning

Kirstin Bicknall, Start Arts on the Move
Kirstin Bicknall handout Dual Use Arts Strategy

Simon Eden, Winchester City Council Culture and Place

Open studios: Gabriella Smith and Diana Pasek-Atkinson

Lucy Bedford, Milton Keynes Council ArtsServices in Transition

Interview with Lucy Bedford:

Interview with Katherine West:

Interview with Kevin Tennant:

Interview with Lindsey Strange:

Interview with Nathan Jones:

Poems from the conference audio at Soundcloud

Another of our artist residencies was Jim Poyner, who worked with us as Photographer in Residence and you can see some of Jim’s photographs from the conference on Facebook: Set 1 Set 2 and a select few in this pdf.

Finally, the last words are from our Poet in Residence, Peter Sansom:

The Conference
York Barbican, 18th and 19th October 2012                                  

It is ‘A giant heron coming through the door’
And it is what the heron is for.
It is the table of what we bring with us.
It’s experience, shared. It is expertise.
It is speed dating and it’s a marriage
Of true minds. It is heritage
That stays new.
It is what we do.
It is inspirational anger.
It’s breaking out to speak to each other.
It is York 800.
Cynicism confounded
By the Queen of social media.
It is subsidised, commercial and amateur.
And without doubt it is iPadding the choir.
It is Thirsk. It is YSP,
It is the abstract box of memory
And innovation. It’s a stitch in time.
It is flour that is art and flour all the same.
It is the temple of a thousand bells.
It is listening to ourselves.
It is the chocolate snap moment
Of arts development.
It is parking in a carpark lower
Than the river
In a time of rain.
And this little world we have made together
Is us (on foot, on the wing)
Driving out again.

Peter Sansom
Poet in Residence