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AD:UK Joint Response to Arts Council Wales consultation on Inspire

Ysbrydoli…ein strategaeth ar gyfer Creadigrwydd a’r Celfyddydau yng Nghymru / Inspire. our strategy for Creativity and the Arts in Wales

Arts Development: UK along with Arts Connect, The Chief Cultural and Leisure Officers across Wales (CCLOW) and the Welsh Local Government Association have submitted a joint response to Arts Council Wales consultation on their new strategy for ‘Creativity and the Arts in Wales’.

We welcome/support/agree with:

  • ACW Vision that the arts are central to the life of the nation and that people should “get” the arts
  • goal for Wales to be “the creative country”
  • strategy being summarised into 3 words: Make, Reach and Sustain
  • change of approach – the strategy is not specific to any one art form, it applies to all
  • it being intended as an enabling strategy
  • desire to nurture an arts ecology distinctive to Wales
  • recognition of our bi-lingual culture
  • blurring of the boundaries with the creative industries e.g. the mention of supporting young bands alongside supporting theatre companies
  • commitment to the new and the contemporary, the living arts
  • expectancy for risk taking

You can read our full response here.

The response was prepared by Strinda Davies, Head of Cultural Services RCT CBC. On behalf of:

  • ArtsConnect
  • ArtsDevUK
  • WLGA