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Mark Taylor appointed as the new Chair of the National Leisure & Culture Forum

Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor, the Director of the Museums Association has been appointed as the new Chair of the National Leisure and Culture Forum, taking over from Iain Varah (Chair of Chief Culture & Leisure Officers Association) who has very ably steered the forum for the last few years. The National Leisure & Culture Forum (NLCF) is a forum of professional organisations working in the cultural sector. The chair of the NLCF rotates every year and the Museums Association is one of its founder members. Mark stated that: “Local government forms the backbone of culture and leisure provision and therefore faces a number challenges over the next few years. We can understand more and make our voice heard more if the various representative bodies swap ideas and information on a regular basis. I hope, over the next year, to increase both the flow of information and the impact of the voice.”Membership of the NLCF is open to all professional bodies working in the cultural sector. The Department for Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) determine the cultural sector as including:

  • Archives, Libraries & Museums
  • Arts & Creative Industries
  • Entertainment (including gambling and betting)
  • Green spaces
  • Heritage
  • Sport, and
  • Tourism

It is a crucial time for the Forum as it provides a space to discuss the relationship between leisure and culture and national and local government. It also supports conversations between forum members and the DCMS and other non-departmental public bodies in the cultural sector including the Local Government Association, Arts Council England, Sports England, English Heritage and The National Archive.

NLCF provides:

  • A point of contact for public sector professional associations in the culture, sport, green spaces and leisure sector, most of which work in the local government sector
  • A mechanism for the development of common views on key current issues
  • A single body of sector leaders for consultation on policy and strategy direction in the cultural sector
  • An efficient and effective means of networking and coordinating activity across the sector
  • A representative voice for a large proportion of national professional organisations involved in the culture, sport and leisure sector.

The NLCF is presently administered by Arts Development UK, another of its founder members.