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AD:uk Local Authority Arts Investment & Partnership Survey 2013

LogoOur annual local authority arts investment and partnership survey for 2013 is now live and we urge you all to take part this year. The survey is open to both member and non-member authorities and will allow us to review vital information about the health of the arts sector.

This year the survey is being undertaken in partnership with Arts Council of Wales and we have both English and Welsh versions of the questionnaire on Survey Monkey.

In this critical time for local government, with budget reductions affecting most services, it is imperative that we maintain our intelligence on the financial situation for arts services. We have been collecting financial data the last 7 years, and 2013/14 will see our members face major challenges that we need to document and record. We also want to measure the impact of arts investment and the effect that this has for local communities. We need your help to document the current status of each authority as we progress into the new financial year.

We would like to record your active partnerships and the contribution that arts make to the life of your communities. In this way we can work with our partners in demonstrating the worth of our sector and in advocating for future support.

It is most important that we achieve as complete a picture as possible of the challenges that you are facing. We also want to record success stories to give a balanced perspective for the year ahead. We are therefore sending the survey to both member and non-member authorities.

It is important that you all complete a questionnaire, which is available online via Survey Monkey.

The English version is available here:

The Welsh version is available here:

We need accurate information from you so that Arts Development UK, Arts Council of Wales and other national bodies can continue to advocate for local arts delivery. Please try to answer every question, but if you can’t don’t worry – we’d rather have what you can answer than nothing at all. The survey will be open till Friday 28th June 2013, so if your budget settlement is not yet known, you will have time to report your answers – but please remember to do so. Many thanks for your support in this vital matter.