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Taking Part Survey latest information

DCMS1The third quartile for 2012/13 of the DCMS Taking Part Survey is now available. Statistics show that for cultural activity:

  • Nearly three quarters (73%) of adults visited a heritage site in the last year. This represents an increase of 3% since the survey began in 2005/06 as well as an increase (3%) since 2010/11.
  • The proportion of people who had visited a museum or gallery in the previous year has increased since 2005/06 (from 42% to 52%), a general upward trend since 2008/09.
  • 37% of adults had used a library in the 12 months prior to being interviewed, a significant decrease from 48% in 2005/06, and a significant decrease from 40% in 2010/11.
  • 78% of adults had attended or participated in the arts in the previous year, a significant increase reported since 2005/06 (76%) and 2010/11 (76%).
  • Arts engagement increased to highest levels since the survey began in 2005/06 for people living in urban areas, reaching 78%. This was a significant increase from 75% in 2005/06.  Those living in rural areas had a higher participation rate than those in urban areas (81% compared to 78%)

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