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East Midlands Training Opportunities

The Neuroscience of Creative Play

9.30-12.30pm , City Arts, Unit 6, Provident Works, Newdigate Street, Nottingham, NG7 4FD

Creativity, imagination, expression, communication; all of these are forms of playing, and all have the potential to transform the experiences of those that we work with; Play can challenge our thinking, change a mindset, and is an activity we all need, whatever our age….  

Creative practitioners are particularly effective in harnessing aspects of play in their practice, and the emerging fascinating discipline of Neuropsychology is giving us vital information about how creative play enhances wellbeing by generating healthy biochemicals in the body, and developing the cognitive & emotional areas of the brain.

This workshop; which will also be useful to those who have attended CLADAC’s ‘Neuroscience & Creativity’ sessions; teaches new practical creative play techniques, as well as showing you how to use use your existing techniques even more effectively.

Ultimately you will learn how to make a transformational difference by working consciously at the interface of science, psychology and personality. 


These sessions, which are usually costed at £50 each, are;

£25 per session/£45 for both

for individual freelance practitioners & £40 per session/£70 for both

for organisations & local authorities. Limited places, allocated on a ‘first-come-first-served’ basis.

Please book early!

For bookings & all enquiries contact; Jo Stockdale, CLADAC Programme Co-ordinator on; 07929312377 or email;

For more info go to;