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The Arts Development UK Insurance Scheme

We’ve teamed up with specialist insurance broker La Playa to help protect arts organisations from overly expensive insurance premiums, inadequate cover and expensive duplications from maintaining multiple non specialist policies (and we have saved over £400 in this area ourselves!). Here’s an overview of what this exclusive partnership offers – PLUS read on for information on a brand new advice service on pensions!

Benefits include:

Are you shipshape with the new pension legislation
The Government’s new Pension Laws have come into force, and will significantly impact every employer in the UK – even those with a single employee.

If you’re wondering: How much will I have to pay? Are my existing arrangements acceptable? How does this affect my freelance and contract workers? What is “auto-enrolment”? Then get in touch for a FREE initial pension consultation.
Contact Paula (E: or T: 01223 200654) for more information, or for a no-obligation consultation.