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Arts Development UK Skills & Knowledge Bank

The AD:uk Skills and Knowledge Bank is now open with a matrix of those participating members which can be downloaded through our website. Please note that this service is available to members only, so if you have not yet joined or rejoined AD:uk this year, now is the time.

Nearly 50 members are offering a minimum of 10 hours a year for skills and knowledge exchange, and the number is increasing each week as more people sign up. You will find a downloadable matrix in the Training & Development section of our website (but please note that the section is restricted to members only).

Once you have downloaded and opened the table from our website, you will see that the matrix is sectioned into skills and competencies and is also sectioned region by region. Skills have been rated from 3 to 5, (with 5 the highest experience), and if you scroll down to the bottom of the table against each column you will find the person volunteering their skills and their contact details.

The programme has been developed for a “light touch” approach (it is not a mentoring service) and is designed to be self-selecting. If you decide to participate, please ensure that when making the first contact with the person offering skills, you ensure that you inform them that you are contacting them through the Skills and Knowledge Bank, and before you start exchanging skills, please ensure that you have discussed and agreed who the process will work between you and how much time the skills offerer is prepared to give.

The Skills Bank will be open to new participants to exchange skills, knowledge and experience. If you are interested in participating in shared and informal knowledge exchange, please complete the following Survey Monkey questionnaire at: The Skills Bank will also earn you interest in the form of credits that you can use towards the AD:uk National Fellowship Programme.