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Notes from the Chair 10th Sept

I’m sitting here, at my desk wearing my Games Maker uniform (at the exhortation of Eddie Izzard), for what will probably be the last time.  I can now say that I went into being a Games Maker with some trepidation: it’s hard to remember now, but there was quite a high level of cynicism, there were lots of training days to get to, and I wasn’t sure how the experience would go.

However, from the torch relay right through to the Closing Ceremony last night, it really was a summer to remember. Pretty much every part of the cultural sector played a role, from architects and designers, through photographers, journalists and broadcasters, the artists and performers, to the absolute stars of the Games, the sports men and women.

But, whether it was the sport, the ceremonies, or the relay, for me one thing stood out time and again: the sheer enthusiasm of the public to come together and celebrate collectively. Vast crowds in the Olympic Park, throughout the torch relay, people sought out opportunities to be together, to share the experience. Yes, we were able to follow events on twitter, blog about it and watch through a myriad of digital routes, but above all, it was about that shared, collective experience, being a part, however small, of a community event. 

It just so happens that this was a community event on a scale that really was ‘once in a lifetime’, but more than ever we have proof that community events matter, that people want to come together, and that the experience is always worth the effort.
Jane Wilson
Chair of AD:uk
Tel: 01353 669022 Email: